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Built-in Igniter

No need to carry a lighter or keep matches dry. With the built-in igniter, you can fire up this bad boy anytime.

Perfectly Designed

We've thought of everything. Three built-in cup holders, a propane tank slot, and two loops to tie down or pull along means you're ready to grill anywhere.

Dual Latch Locks

Two locking latches keep your grill lid on tight making it easy to carry, and easy to use.

Finer Details

The logo is textured marine grade vinyl, making it easier to grab while wet, and more rugged. It's the same material used on the sides of various watercraft. Float'N'Grill is dressed up for the party.

High Temp. Material

The material used is rated for high temperatures. It won't warp, bend, or melt while you're cooking. 

Removable Grease Trap

Designed to keep grease out of rivers and lakes and the EPA out of our hair. Easily removed when it's time to clean.

Editor Approved


This would be absolutely amazing to have while floating down the river.

Russell R.

I've been looking for something like this. I wouldn't have to grill off the side of my boat and get grease all over.

Steven A.

I simply love your product and the idea in general! It's genius!

Debra W.


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