Introducing a New Way to Grill

Portable | Lightweight | Durable

The Float'N'Grill


Built-in Igniter

No need to carry a lighter or keeping matches dry. With the built-in igniter, you can fire up the grill anytime.

Cup Holders . Propane Slot . Tow Hooks

Every Float'N'Grill has 3 cup holders built right into the base along with a spot for the propane tank. We've also added tow hooks onto each side.

Double Latch Locks

Two locking latches keep your grill lid on tight making it easy to carry when disassembled from the base.

Marine Grade Vinyl + Texture

The logo is marine grade vinyl. It's the same type of vinyl that's used on the sides of various watercraft. We've added a textured design making it easier to grab while wet. It also gives it a more rugged feel.

High Temp. Nylon

The nylon used is rated for high temperatures. This ensures that it won't melt or warp while you're cooking.

Removable Grease Trap

The grill comes with a detachable grease trap. It keeps the grease out of the water, and is easy enough to remove when it's time to clean.

Take it with you when you go fishing

And you'll never go hungry again

The only way to grill at the sandbar

I mean, there's other ways but not like this

Everyone on the river will want one

Goes perfect with a floating cooler

Accessories Coming Soon

Some of these include:

Shelf - Utensil Holder - Spice Rack - Cup Holders - Anchor

There's a lot more but we can't list them all here.

I like what I see but where can I buy one?

You're probably thinking to yourself, I really like what they have here. I HAVE to get my hands on one of these. Well, we've got good news and bad news. The bad news is the Float'N'Grill is currently not for sale, BUT...the good news is you can subscribe to our newsletter below, and we will personally send you an email letting you know when you can pre-order. We just want to make sure we have all of our ducks in a row before making it available to you.

Also, your email is super safe with us. We will never sell it or do anything with it besides contact you with news about what's happening with Float'N'Grill.


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This would be absolutely amazing to have while floating down the river.

Russell R.

I've been looking for something like this. I wouldn't have to grill off the side of my boat and get grease all over.

Steven A.

I simply love your product and the idea in general! It's genius!

Debra W.