Quick Update #3 - Going Viral & Design Changes - 8/1/2018

Hey everyone!

Here comes another update to give you some insight about what's been happening behind the scenes. July has been an extremely productive month for us, and we've gotten some amazing feedback!

At the beginning of the month we received ~20 test units that allowed us to see how they worked on the water, and in other various conditions. While doing this testing we saw some issues that needed to be addressed. One of these issues was how the grill attached to the base. We had to move away from the magnetic design, that we so dearly loved, to a locking mechanism. To give you a better understanding, think of a smoke detector on your wall or ceiling. We went with a sliding lock which allows you to put the grill on the support bars, slide it back, and lock into place. There were several reasons we went this route, but overall we believe it'll be better for us and for you guys/girls.

The next big piece of news that we have is that we went viral! On July 17th we had a post on Facebook that was shared to a Page, and it exploded within 72 hours. I'll post the link to the post below if you want to check it out. We ended up reaching over 4.7 million people and had 33,000+ shares. The comments and reactions were absolutely amazing to see. We can't thank everyone enough for the awesome support and feedback.

We are working overtime on this project to try to get it in your hands asap without cutting any corners. Again we thank everyone for being so patient and understanding.

And as promised - here's the link to the Facebook post that went viral: