Quick Update #4 - Detroit Boat Show & Getting Ready - 10/15/2018

Hello Everyone,

You may have noticed we've been laying low, and by that I mean hardly any social media interaction. After going viral a few months back we put our nose to the grindstone, and have been working non-stop to get the Float'N'Grill finished ASAP. As you can tell from the blog post title, we've signed up to be in the 2019 Detroit Boat Show. We made this show our target date to have product ready. We went last year to show face, and to see the public's reaction. This year we decided to not sign up again unless we have product to sell.

So here's where we're at with everything. We are working on packaging design, and finalizing the grill. The bottom portion (floating base) is 100% completed, and it's just the top half we are finishing. We are extremely happy with the way this is turning out, and think you guys will love it just as much. With the last update we posted, we mentioned moving to a slide and lock design. This design has greatly improved safety, and stability while maintaining the simpleness of attaching the grill.

We have also been in talks with a few investors, and retail stores. All I can say right now is it's been very good news for Float'N'Grill.

Keep an eye out on our websites to keep up to date with the project. Also, please sign up for our newsletter as we will be announcing when pre-orders start. We might also send out a few coupons.


Stay tuned!