As Seen on Shark Tank!

As Seen on Shark Tank!


We were featured on ABC's Shark Tank Friday May 14th at 8:00pm - 9:00pm ET/PT

Hey everyone! If you’ve been following us then you know we’ve been trying to get on Shark Tank for quite some time. Last year (2020) we finally made it out to film to be on the show and just recently aired within the last few days.

Mike and I have been extremely busy working on securing a facility, working with our manufacturers to restock inventory, and managing our day jobs all at the same time. With Float’N’Grill finally having a place to manage or day to day operations Mike and I will be working harder on our social media presence. I will also be working on keeping our blog page updated as much as possible.

Thanks again for everyone that watched the show and if you haven’t then please check it out as we think you’ll like it.


Jeremy Quillico