Our Story

Our story starts off around 3 years ago when Mike was still married, and decided to buy a boat right before his wedding. The boat was a 16ft. jet boat that was nothing special, but was a way to get to the local lake's sandbar.

After the first few trips out there Mike quickly realized he was growing old of chips, sandwiches, and cold subs. The issue at the time was the size of the boat. Mike could only fit about 3 friends, and a cooler on board.

After being at the sandbar all day, him and his friends wanted something else to eat besides what they were use to. So on one summer day Mike created the first  of many prototypes. He stopped by my (Jeremy) house to show me this thing, and I mentioned I've never seen anything like it. I quickly did a small search online to see if any were actually being sold. To mine and Mike's surprise we couldn't find anything. That's when the idea of turning Mike's side project into an actual product was realized.

And from that moment on 3+ years ago we've been developing, researching, and testing together to bring you what we have today. 

You can read more about us individually below.


Jeremy graduated from Eastern Michigan University and received his B.S. in Cyber Security. He currently works for a manufacturing plant as their Sr. Systems Administrator. During the winter months he likes to play ice hockey or read up on new technology. When the summers months hit, he tries to spend most of his time outside and on the lake.

Mike studied diesel technology and mechanical engineering. He owns and operates his own diesel shop. When he's not busy with work, he's usually finishing personal projects and starting new ones. Mike is constantly on the go and looking for new and exciting adventures. You can almost always find him on the lake lounging around at the sandbar with friends.