Below is information about our warranty. We made it simple because we find things work better that way.


How long does the warranty last? Warranty begins at time of purchase, and is valid for 1 year.

Who do you contact to get warranty service? Contact us at Warranty@FloatNGrill.com for warranty service. A purchase receipt is required. If you do not have your purchase receipt we will do our best to help you out.

What will the company do if the product fails? Depending on the cause of failure, a replacement or refund may be available to you.

What parts are covered? Parts that are covered under warranty are only parts that are provided by Float'N'Grill LLC originally packaged with the product.

Does the warranty cover "consequential damages?" Consequential damages are not covered under warranty. If our product causes damage to a person's personal property, that property is not covered under our warranty.

Are there any conditions or limitations on the warranty? The warranty provided is a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. This means any defects or failures that are caused by a manufacturing issue will be covered. This does not mean the warranty covers wear and tear. Float'N'Grill LLC will be the determiner of what constitutes as a manufacturing issue or wear and tear.